SUMMARY: weird file tree - typo correction

From: Deborah Crocker (
Date: Wed Jan 26 2000 - 11:44:11 CST

Apologies - typing too fast and left off one piece - here is
the fixed summary

Had the correct solution before I even got my own query back. Plus
numerous other people weighing. Thanks to all.

The underlying mount point had wrong permissions. Solution was:

umount /work
chmod 755 /work
mount /work

/work was the mount point.

Here is original question (some details truncated to save space).

We've got a weird problem here. We have a file system, from which
a number of commands cannot be run. The common thread is that all the
commands attempt to parse the file system back to the root (/) and that
the system seems to think that permission is denied to read that directory.
The same commands work on all other file systems, however.

For instance
man man
getcwd: permission denied

The problem goes away when the user is put in the group "other".

Has anyone seen this before? What can we do?

Thanks for any help on this

Deborah Crocker
User Service
Seebeck Computer Center

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