SUMMARY: Sparc 20 that won't boot

From: Kevin Maher (
Date: Tue Jan 25 2000 - 22:29:08 CST

As usual, this list has proved invaluable in solving problems.

First, thanks to Brendan Choi <> and Buddy Lumpkin
<> for pointing me towards the CPU modules. Since this
a dual machine, I pulled the top CPU and tried a boot again. The first test
failed, so I swapped the CPU with the lower unit and had success. I then put
all my memory DIMMS back in and things still worked just peachy.

A few others pointed me towards CDROM issues. I had thought of that (but
failed to mention it in my posting) and switched to the genuine Sun 2x
internal that I had available. It met with the same error.

As of this time, I've fully re-installed the machine and will soon be
installing my software.

Thanks again to everyone.

Original post below:

On Tue, 25 Jan 2000, Kevin Maher wrote:

> I have an SS20/712 that will not boot. I was able to do an install on it
> once, but I had forgotten about boot partition limitations (it has a 4.3G
> disk, which I had created as one partition, minus swap). I had set the
> system aside, but when I went back to re-install again, I get a "Data
> Access Exeption" from Openboot. I'll get this when I try to boot CDROM
> as well.
> I've re-seated all the modules and swapped memory modules around,
> including removal of all but one and the error still occurs. I've
> cleared the NVRAM (both with set-defaults and with STOP-N). I tested and
> formatted the HD in one of the other systems (worked flawlessly).
> So, I'm now at a loss of what to look for. The only reference I could
> find with this error indicated an incompatible OS version, but this is
> happening at the Openboot prompt. I'm forced into using Solaris 2.6
> since these systems have the ZX frame buffer (leo), which should be no
> problem on any SS20.
> Any help will be appreciated, but if I have to resign the system to
> providing parts for the remaining survivors, so be it.

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