Summary: cpu masks on prtdiag

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Date: Tue Jan 25 2000 - 20:10:08 CST

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It's just the revision level of the photomasks
used to make the CPU die.
Other vendors call them steppings or revs.
Probably not useful for
much except for tracking down obscure bugs (they
don't make a new
version of the chip for the fun of it, each
revision fixes some bug or
performance issue, hopefully without introducing
new bugs).

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sunstaff AM wrote:
> Dear Sun Managers,
> Would appreciate if someone out there can tell
> what is the "cpu masks" means in the output of
> the prtdiag -v command? The problem is I have 4
> cpu in E3k and one of the cpu masks is
> from the rest, will this cause any problem?
> Thanks and I'll summarise.
> regards,
> Love Sun

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