From: Z.K. Zachariah (zac@agorics.com)
Date: Tue Jan 25 2000 - 19:31:35 CST

Many thanks to:
Aaron Bradford
Chitti Murty
David J De Wolfe
David Evans
Stefan Krantz
James Musso
Satish B Movva
and to all those whose reply may be still on the way.

You were all right in one way or the other. Yes, the oracle manual for
error messages points to checking the ORACLE_SID . But this was pointing
to the right database. The right oracle instance processes were up and
running. I did suspect the LISTENER. But that was also up and running.
The fact that dbadmin (the owner of oracle) could access the database
through sqlplus made me wildly suspicious about the permission bits. But
I was not sure of which files bits to check for. Finally it was Chitti
Murty and David J De Wolfe who pointed me to the right files. I was
terrified to see that the executables oracle and sqlplus did not have
the setuid and setgid. Now it works like a charms.
Sun-Managers !!


My original post:

> Sun-managers,
> I know this is may not be the right place to pose this problem, but I
> am sure that there are many out there who administer Unix systems as
> well as manage ORACLE databases and would be interested to send
> suggestions to my problem.
> I am not very familiar with Oracle. There was another guy who used to
> administer them but unfortunately he has left the company and now that
> leaves me to figure out things in Oracle. The problem is that after
> sarting, mounting and opening the database I find that only the
> dbadmin who is the oracle owner, can access the database using
> sqlplus. Other users on the network are not able to connect to this
> database. When logigin in thru sqlplus they get the error
> ORacle not available. Can someone point me as to how to set this right
> or point me to a good mailing list for oracle problems. Thanks in
> advance.
> -Zac

"The best way to escape from your problem is to solve it."
--Robert Anthony

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