SUMMARY: How to run or schedule job which will run after complet ion of ot her specific cron jobs.

From: Waghode Sanjay (
Date: Mon Jan 24 2000 - 16:46:00 CST

Greetings ,
Thanks for all the replies for providing great ideas on the subject ,
Most of you have suggested ,
Make the jobs touch a file when complete and keep a check on this status
files and then run the last
 Job after all files are present which will represent the completion of the
jobs .
I am using the same method now . and I am using the loop flag test written
by Bertrand Hutin below . <>
Add a loop flag test at the beginning of the waiting job and set flag(s) in
the 2 or 3 specific jobs.
something like
while [ !-f eoj1 and !-f eoj2 ) ; do
sleep 30

and at job1 en
touch eoj1

Below is the simple method to do the same thing
Written by Pyne Jeffrey and Harish Arora using the wait command
Pyne, Jeffrey [] wrote
 you could write one script that gets run in cron that executes the first 2
or 3 jobs and then does a "wait" to wait for them to finish and then runs
the next job.
For example:
job1 &
job2 &

the original question was ,

Subject: How to run or schedule job which will run after completion
of ot
        her specific cron jobs.

I have solaris 2.6 .
Does any one know how can I schedule a job (cron or at) which will run
after completion of some other specific 2or 3 jobs which I know at what
time they start but I don't how long they will take to finish.
And How one can monitor the status and details of cron jobs ?
I curious to know how you people if any are doing this?
                                Thanks in Advance,

Sanjay Waghode
System Administrator
Caxton Corporation
New Jersey

Thanks following for the quick replies ,

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Zareh Aratoon []
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Bruce R. Zimmer []
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Reichert, Alan [] <>
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