SUMMARY: how to find how much space used by userid

From: Lynne Seamans (
Date: Mon Jan 24 2000 - 15:20:54 CST

Thanks to all the following good folks who provided great ideas as to how to
sum up how much space a particular userid occupied across directories in a
given file system.

Basically, I got three categories of answers:

        1. use du on the users directory --- unacctable since these
user have stuff ALL OVER the place.

        2. 'find' piped into something or other like awk .. here's a
good example:
        find . -user jrevelt -exec ls -l {} \; | awk '{sum=sum+$5} END
{print "There are " sum " bytes, in " NR " files."}'

                Some of these got REALLY fancy with scripts and everything.
I really appreciated that, since I took them apart and learned how they

        3. And my personal favourite: the "quot" command. I had never
heard of this before, but you just type in 'quot -af', it takes a
while, but you get the amount of space per userid per file system. Just
EXACTLY what I needed in this case.

Again, thanks to the following fine folks:

Alex Natautama []
Arthur Darren Dunham []
Cole, Jeff []
Daniel Muiņo []
David Foster []
David Ledger []
David Massey []
David Mitchell []
David Robillard [drobilla@Matrox.COM]
Demian Hanks []
Dennis Martens []
Drew Watson []
Frank Sorenson []
Ian Durkacz []
Ian MacPhedran [Ian_MacPhedran@engr.USask.Ca]
Isherwood Jeff C Contr AFRL/IFOSS []
James Cannon []
James Mularadelis []
Jay Lessert []
Jeff Woolsey []
JimF []
Larry Garrett []
Matthew Atkinson []
Matthew Stier []
Michael DeSimone []
Michael Miller []
Moti Levy []
Nicholas R LeRoy []
Richard Felkins []
Rick von Richter []
Roger D Mcgraw, Jr []
Salman Farooq TNG []
Sandesh Tattitali []
Simon-Bernard Drolet [sbdrolet@M3iSystems.Qc.Ca]
Stefan Voss []
Stephan Grund []
Steve Elliott []
Sun System Admin []
Thiyagarajan V []
Timothy Lindgren []
Tobias Wahlgren []
Troy Wollenslegel []
Viet_Q_Hoang []

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