SUMMARY: ODS filesystem problems at boot time... maybe FC-AL related

From: Dan Penrod (
Date: Mon Jan 24 2000 - 10:51:22 CST

Whenever I look for the obvious it turns out to be esoteric and whenever
I look for the esoteric it turns out to be obvious.... and I'm ususally
looking for the esoteric. :)

Problem Recap: Mirrored Root system needed fsck after every single
reboot, without exception. RAID data filesystem never mounted at boot
time and required me to rmdir, mkdir, and mount manually after every
reboot without exception. Suspected recently installed FC-AL card that
was making a lot of noise in the /var/adm/messages. Also suspected ODS
which provided mirroring and RAID 5 for the filesystems in question.
Finally, had question regardin whether or not to mirror swap and if not
mirroring swap could have anything to do with this.

1.) It had nothing to do with the Emulex FC-AL card. I reduced the
logging level for that device and it no longer complains.

2.) It had nothing to do with ODS. The problems were solved with simple
UFS knowledge and a little experimentation.

3.) The root (/) filesystem simply needed to be fsck'd about 6 times
straight, until it quit complaining... haven't had another problem with
it since. Lesson's learned... don't just fsck a filesystem once...
repeat the process till you're absolutely sure it's happy.

4.) The mounted data partition simply needed to be told to be mounted at
boot time with the appropriate switch in /etc/vfstab. Doh! Lesson's
learned... if you don't specify that a filesystem is to be mounted at
boot time with the appropriate switch... not only will it not mount at
boot time, but you won't be able to mount it at all, unless your rmdir,
mkdir, and manually mount. Don't understand it... it's just appears to
work that way... and I'm fine with that. :)

5.) Swap Concensus... it's better, but not essential, to mirror swap.
Reason? If the swap partition fails you will probably have to reboot,
unless you're swapping it, in which case the mirror swap should take
over without a hickup.

Thanks to...
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Artur Shnayder <>

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