SUMMARY: ghostscript

From: Patrick Hooper (
Date: Sat Jan 22 2000 - 10:41:52 CST

Thank you very much to all those who responded (and as I hoped response was
fast and furious).

Basically my problem was as pointed out to me:

* The ghostscript package I downloaded included X11 libraries I did not have.

There were a couple of solutions suggested to me:

1. Download the source and compile on my machine without X support
2. Create soft links to existing X libraries.

I had originally tried to run ghostscript 5.5 so I downloaded an older package
5.10. I received the same messages.

I ended up maybe taking the sloppier way out and created the soft links to
older X libraries. I was able to automate the process of converting a
postscript file to JPEG format and display to a browser. All done in a PERL
script. So this issue is resolved.

Thank you again all for getting me going.

Original posting below.

> Greetings, I have checked all FAQs related to ghostscript. I don't have
> access to usenet. I am trying to use ghostscript in a web app to
> automatically generate a jpeg file from a postscript file. I am
> developing on a SPARC 5 running sol 2.6. All is patched to proper
> levels. The error is this when I try to run ghostscript:
> gs: fatal: open failed: No such file or directory
> Killed
> There is no such file installed on my machine. I have my
> LD_LIBRARY_PATH set to all know lib directories. I have downloaded a
> package built for solaris 2.6 specifically. The ghostscript version is
> 5.50.

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