SUMMARY: DISPLAY variable problem

From: JKennedy@Claritas.Com
Date: Thu Jan 20 2000 - 21:13:56 CST

Well, I had stepped in this once before but it was long enough ago that I
had forgotten. Can't believe it took this long to see it again.

I had logged into my host as myself but was trying to run xhost in a root
window. Doh! After my retinas healed from the blinding flash of light I
ran it in my window and, viola, it worked just the way it was designed to.

Thanks to Michael Salehi, David Evans, Carlo Musante, and J.J. Bailey.

Special thanks to Arthur Darren Dunham who actually kept up dialogue trying
to help and didn't assume I was a moron (guess that'll teach ya!).

Jeff Kennedy
Solaris Network Administrator (as long as I don't have to login)
Claritas/San Diego
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Somehow the DISPLAY variable on my host got hosed. Yesterday I could log
into a remote machine, set the remote variable to my host (setenv DISPLAY
<myhost>:0.0), allow remote X connections to my host
(/usr/openwin/bin/xhost + <machine>), and be on my merry way.

Today I tried that and ran into a wall. Setting the DISPAY variable on the
remote machine is not the problem. When I try and allow X connections to
my host I get 'unable to open display "<machine>:0.0"' and that's the end
of it.

I can't set my own host to it's own display anymore. One caveat to this is
that the remote machine is not in my hosts file and my host is not in dns
or the remote machines hosts file. Now I'm not so ignorant that I think I
can use the hostname and get away with it, I did actually use the IP
address so that's not it. It's as if my .Xauthority got hosed because when
I tried just 'xhost +' without any hosts specified I got 'unable to open
display ""'. This was after logging out of CDE and logging back in. I'm
sure rebooting will fix it but that's not the direction I want to go.

Anyone know what I did or what I need to do to fix it?


Jeff Kennedy
Solaris Network Administrator
Claritas/San Diego

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