SUMMARY: How to set up serial console on Solaris x86 2.X

From: Alex Natautama (
Date: Thu Jan 20 2000 - 19:48:38 CST

A BIG THANK YOU TO THE FOLLOWING SUN MANAGERS who have offered very good suggestions:
(and to those who are still thinking hard about this):

"Michael Miller" <>
"David Robillard" <drobilla@Matrox.COM>
"Christian Pinheiro" <>
"Kevin Ying" <>

Basically I have a Hewlett Packard Vectra PC running Solaris 2.6 x86 and I wanted to set up a serial
terminal as the console (connected to the Vectra's COM1 port).

What I had to do in the end was:

1. Null modem cable with Carrier Detect (CD) and Data Set Ready (DSR) set to HIGH.
    (from )

2. Execute the following commands in correct order (from MIchael Miller)
eeprom ttya-ignore-cd=true
eeprom input-device=ttya
eeprom output-device=ttya

----------------------- My original question was:

> Hi Sun Managers,
> Has anyone successfully setup a serial console (on COM1)
> using Solaris x86 2.6 ?
> I have tried the following two methods to no avail:
> 1. Add the entry "set console=1" to the /etc/system file and reboot
> 2. Issue "eeprom input-device=ttya" , "eeprom
> output-device=ttya" and reboot
> Your advice would be greatly appreciated.


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