SUMMARY: Emerbency: E450 HD can NOT plug in?

From: L (
Date: Thu Jan 20 2000 - 13:19:27 CST

Thank you for the answer. I received a lot recommendation, but I still
can NOT pug the HD in. Finally, we call the SUN support engineer in. He
told me some of the E450 have this problem and you need puch it very hard
to make it in. the procedure are:

  1. plug HD into rack and push it hard.

  2. Clip the handle with force

  3. push HD harder again make sure it is in.

My original post:

>We just purchase a new SUN E450 computer. It ship with one internal HD
>and 8 separate HD. We tried to plug in HD into E450, the resistence is
>hard. We tried to unplug the first HD (factory installed) then put in.
>It can NOT. We use very hard and force HD in. The HD light is either
>ON or "probe-scsi-all" can NOT see it. We have been tried on all the
>slot (0 -19), it all the same. Can anyone tell me how to install
>internal HD in to E450? any trick?

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