SUMMARY: Coming over to your room ...

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Date: Thu Jan 20 2000 - 12:49:50 CST

I hit the jackpot ! Thank you:
          , Richard Bond, Gary Carr, Michael DeSimone, Damir Delija,
David Evans, Dave Foster, Steve Gauthier, Marcus A Holmlund,
Gary Jenson, Jeff Kennedy, Renny Koshy, Rich Lafferty, Jay Lessert,
Jason Marshall, Dave McFerren, Craig Mertens, Michael Mille,
Ester Muller, Vishnu Murthy, Sam Nelson, Misha Pavlov, Mike Penny,
Stuart Price, Sean Quaint, Lonnie Ratliff, Matt Reynolds,
Jim Robertori, Michael E Salehi, Frode Stromsvag, Rich Sullivan,
Frank Velazquez, Nickolai Zeldovich,

There were plentiful products, ideas, I include the URLs too where

- VNC from (Olivetti, now) AT&T
[18 hits]
        |What is VNC? - A practical introduction
        |VNC stands for Virtual Network Computing. It is, in essence, a
        |remote display system which allows you to view a computing
        |'desktop' environment not only on the machine where it is
        |running, but from anywhere on the Internet and from a wide
        |variety of machine architectures.
        SSH VNC client:

- SunForum, Sun
[2 hits]
        |Workgroup Collaboration Tools
        |SunForum 3.0 is the "toolbox" of collaboration, allowing you to
        |collaborate with colleagues working in a heterogeneous
        |environment of Sun workstations, PCs and Macintosh computers.
        |SunForum uses industry standard protocols (T.120 and H.323) to
        |enable Sun workstations to conduct cross-platform audio/video
        |conferences, share applications, conduct whiteboard sessions,
        |and transfer files with colleagues.

- xwatchwin, seems to come from experts on USENET comp.sources.x
[2 hits]
        almost every ftp server carries it.
        I found v1.1.1 at:

- xmx, Brown University, Rhode Island, Providence
[1 hit]
        |XMX - An X Protocol Multiplexor
        |XMX is a standalone utility for sharing an X Window System
        |session on multiple X displays. It allows users to see and
        |interact with the same applications at the same time from
        |different locations. XMX takes advantage of the networked
        |nature of the X Window System by acting as an intermediary
        |between X clients and X servers. In this way, XMX works with
        |any X clients and any X servers, without the need to modify

DoubleVision from Tridia
[1 hit]
        Looks good.

xcontrolx from X-software
[1 hit]

and those without URL:
Exceed, xtv, GNU screen (character only), Tivoli, classnet, kibitz,

thanks guys/gals !

Original question:
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Subject: Coming over to your room ...


| Scenario:
| User: calls sysadmin on phone, tries to explain problem but fails.
| Sysadmin: ...sigh, I'm coming over to your room and will look at it.

Is there a way to somehow replicate the X display of a user over
the LAN to an admin workstation ? Just to see what is happaning
over there and perhaps save the walk.

A clumsy solution would be to periodically rsh screendump; rcp dump .;
screenload;, ,,, yuck! I think there should be some less rugged
way to do it. Perhaps X11 could do the trick ? I guess it can but
I don't know X deep enough.

I hate to say this, but NT Server Terminal Server Edition with
Citrix Metaframe has just this function, called shadowing, very
convinient feature from user support point of view, the idea
comes from there.

Is there a way/product to do it under Solaris ?


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