UPDATE SUMMARY: man/man -k do not work

From: Rasana Atreya (rasana_atreya@hotmail.com)
Date: Wed Jan 19 2000 - 15:39:32 CST

Hi all,

This was my original problem and response:

>man/man -k do not work despite it being in MANPATH, and running >catman -w.
> When catman(1M) goes through the man page files and picks out the line
>following ".SH NAME" it is very picky about syntax. If there are macro
>commands "eg .PP .B etc" it screws up. I've found that
> typically I get the best results if I to edit the line following ".SH
>NAME" in the man page file then run "catman -w -M <path>" to rebuild the
>windex file.
> The line following .SH NAME should have the format:
> <entry> \- <description>
> <entry> should be a single word and should be the name of the file
> without the man section suffix. The backslash is optional.

I got two responses that I thought I'd post back. Thanks for responding both
of you.

Thomas Anders <anders@hmi.de>

Have you tried /usr/openwin/man/makewhatis to see if it works better?
The Solaris FAQ (2.2) keeps saying (for years) that one should use
makewhatis instead of catman and I wonder if this still holds true nowadays.

I think there's a bug in man - try doing man -F

Please note I'd not had the chance to test any of this, but thought it it
was out there someone else could use this information.


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