SUMMARY: man/man -k do not work

From: Rasana Atreya (
Date: Tue Jan 18 2000 - 16:05:22 CST

Hi all,

This was my original post:

>I installed Veritas' Netbackup 3.2, and added /usr/openv/man/share/man to >
>the manpath in /.cshrc
>Then I ran 'catman -w'. This is part of /usr/openv/man/share/man/windex:
>.PP .PP (acsd) - Automated Cartridge System (ACS) daemon .PD
>.PP .PP (bp) - start the NetBackup menu interface for users
>Neither man -k or man work on any of the entries in this file.
>I did try editing this manually match the format of other windex files, but
>that does not seem to have worked.
>How would I fix this?

Thanks to the following for various suggestions:

Chad Price <>
Chris Graves <>
"Otto, Doug" <>

Combined suggestions were: either catman is corrupted and creating corrupt
windex files; man is corrupt and incorrectly reading them; or the hard drive
itself or its management software has some sort of problem.

This is from Harvey Wamboldt <>, which I suspect is the
problem (I haven't had the time to do this):

  Ahhh one of my favorite beefs with Sun's catman.

  When catman(1M) goes through the man page files and picks out the
  line following ".SH NAME" it is very picky about syntax. If there
  are macro commands "eg .PP .B etc" it screws up. I've found that
  typically I get the best results if I to edit the line following
  ".SH NAME" in the man page file then run "catman -w -M <path>" to
  rebuild the windex file.

  The line following .SH NAME should have the format:

  <entry> \- <description>

  <entry> should be a single word and should be the name of the file
  without the man section suffix. The backslash is optional.

  If you could get Sun to make catman a little more flexible in syntax
  you would make many admins grateful.

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