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From: Munish Sarin (
Date: Mon Jan 17 2000 - 22:55:45 CST

Thanx Gurus,

                   Special Thanx to the following for a quick response to
correct my Problem.

        Casper Dik<>
        Anthony Worrall <>
        Satish B Movva <>

Problem :

> hi Gurus,
> I need help regarding the " Hierarchical Mounting ".
> Description : I have got two E-250's ( namely, Libra & Gemini) attached
> to a A1000 storage array.So, Both of these machines have got access i.e.
> the slices of the A1000 are locallly mounted on each. Both of these
> machines are on different subnet.
> Hence, I require that whenever an access is made to
> /net/gemini/<shared file system> from the Subnet containing the machine
> "libra" , that request should be automatically be reverted to the
> "libra" for mounting that file system.
> - /net is there in the /etc/auto_masters , making each share on the
> machines available.
> but I need
> - /net/gemini to be automounted as libra:/net/libra
> hence, reducing the network traffic.
> Regards
> Munish Sarin,
> IS Corpindia,

Solution :
The /net automount point is not intended for this.

It is supposed to be a direct mapping for hosts.

It's also intended primarily for casual use of such filesystems.

To get what you want you will need to define a different mount point
(or completely change the meaning of the /net map)


The answer is not to use /net, /net is bad for general usage as it will
all exported filesystems when the first mount is requested. It will not
see changes to the exported filesystem until all of them are unmounted.

The simplest thing to do is make and entry in the auto_home map
for your share file system of the form

shared_filesystem gemini,libra:/export/shared_filesystem

and tell users to use /home/shared_filesystem. Autofs will pick up the
nearest server.

If you are only using files for you can just put the name of the appropriate


If you want to be more sophisticated you can create a new auto map for
your shared filesytems. Put an entry in auto_master like the one of
the lines below.

/shares auto_share

if using NIS or NIS+ or

/shares /etc/auto_share

if just using files.

The create the /etc/auto_share file or auto_share map containing lines like
the one above for auto_home.

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