SUMMARY: FW: Ultra 5 boots into 64 bit with Solaris 7 on boot -r

From: James Coby (
Date: Mon Jan 17 2000 - 16:05:37 CST

  Aquick response from the following people pointed me to the correct

Casper Dik
Ross Poffenberger
Grant Lowe

It was on Caspers FAQ page unfortunately I'd changed positions and lost my

A big thank you to all.

The solaris FAQ says:

3.63) How can I boot a 32 bit kernel when a 64 bit kernel is installed?

    From the "ok" prompt, type "boot kernel/unix".

    Setting the "boot-file" in the EEPROM to "kernel/unix" makes it
    the default kernel. Alternatively, you can move away the sparcv9/unix
    file in which case the boot loader will fall back to the 32 bit kernel.
    Patch installation may restore that file, though.

    Beware: when specifying "boot -s", or any boot command with flag
    arguments, the standard default kernel/sparcv9/unix kernel will be
    booted; you need to specify "boot kernel/unix -s".

    --- end of excerpt from the FAQ

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