SUMMARY: Solaris 2.6 kernel patch 105181-17

From: Oddvar Andreassen (
Date: Thu Jan 13 2000 - 11:53:00 CST

Thanks for quick responses.

The conclusion seems to be that 105181-17 is 'bad',
at least under certain conditions,
and should not be used, wait for rev. -18.

Ken, Adam and Vince said there are problems with rev. -17,
but Matthew has used it since early December without problems.


From: "Ken Franco" <>

        I ran into a similar problem with the -17 kernel patch.
My system completely vapor locked once a day. This is a bug with
the -17 kernel patch regarding a timing and polling issues when
specific conditions are meant. The best thing to do when you experience
this problem is to backup the -17 kernel patch. The next patch release
from Sun will fix this issue. Also, you can call Sun for a beta fix.
However, I chose not to use it.

From: "Salehi, Michael E" <>

        I have not applied the patch that you state, but I had a similar
experience before, make sure you apply the patch in single user mode
and decompress it as root.

From: <>

One of our Unix admins here was told by Sun the 105181-17 was a "bad"
patch. We were advised to roll back to level 16 until a new release came

From: Matthew Stier <>

Sorry, no.

I have have had 105181-17 install on my servers and desktop since early
December, without incident.

From: Vince Taluskie <>

17 is known to have a introduced a number of bugs - most seriously (to us)
involving hanging e10k domains - we are running one domain on -17 so far
with no problems - but we are eagerly awaiting -18 or -19 to come out.

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This morning we upgraded our Solaris 2.6 servers
from kernel patch 105181-16 to -17.

Everything looked fine for a few minutes,
booting went fine without error messages,
and nfs mounting looked fine.
After 3-5 minutes things started hanging,
and we observed the following messages:
WARNING: nfsauth: mountd nt responding
WARNING: nfsauth: RPC: Unable to send

After a while everything was just hanging,
the nfs mounts between the servers were not working.

We tried several reboots but finally backed out rev. 17 of
the patch and rebooted all servers with 105181-16 again,
and then everything was back to normal operation
and is still working OK.

Does anyone have any more information regarding this ?


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