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Date: Thu Jan 13 2000 - 09:09:37 CST

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I have a client with an A1000 which would like to use the 12 disks in it in
unusual configuration. They do not want any raid... They simply want to be

to access the disks individually as if they were 12 separate disks (JBOD)..
other words, they want 12 mount points of slice 2 of each disk.

To me this is not the best use of the A1000 but thats what they want and I
figure out how to tell rm6 to configure the array.


Too many replies to thank everyone. Basically, if I wanted to do what I
mentioned above a D1000 would have been a better choice. Aside from that the
only real option would be to create twelve separate RAID 0 stripes on twelve
individual disks. Essentially a RAID 0 on striped across one disk is not RAID 0
but this would essentially work.

Luckily I was able to convince the client that this would not make the best use
of the hardware raid capabilities of the A1000 and instead create 12 RAID 0
LUN's across the 12 disks inside the A1000. This gives them 12 logical drives
which can be partitioned and they get the advantage of the striping of data
across multiple disks for performance.

Thanks again for all responses.

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