SUMMARY: Synchronizing UIDs, GIDs

From: Mamoon Kundi (
Date: Wed Jan 12 2000 - 10:54:14 CST

Many thanks to all who responded, suggestion is to use NIS/NIS+ which comes
bundled as SUNWnisu. Actually I was looking for something besides NIS/+
which is fabulous but brings some complexity to the authentication, name
services issues. Although utilizing find+exec, chown all work, NIS is the
winner which has many added advantages.

Thanks again all.
Hi Managers,

I have about 16 sun boxes some running 2.5.1 and some 2.6. I need to
synchronize the UIDs and GIDs across ALL the boxes using one box's
/etc/passwd and /etc/group as a model to begin. The usernames and
groupnames are quite similar across the boxes anyway, however their numeric
IDs are different.

All this above synchronization is necessitated for ease and to install full
access NFS cross mounts.

Is there a script/tool that would make the job easier. I really need some
automation tool rather than manually going thru each and every machine using
"usermod" & "chown" on each and every single file.

I will summarize, thanks.
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