Summary: Revised: Installing solaris 2.6 from terminal

From: Chad Rytting (
Date: Wed Jan 12 2000 - 08:42:17 CST

Many thanks to all who sent replies to my question (too many to name).
My biggest problem was that I was using a cable that was not crossed
over (null modem). Once I got that, my problem was fine. I thought
that the black cisco cable would work, but it doesn't.

The main response to my question was to make sure that I was using a
null modem cable, and to have the settings at:


I had this. I also received a comment that I could not send a break
signal through hyperterminal, and that I would have to use another
"true" vt-100 or other type emulator such as crt. I didn't end up
having to send a break signal, however, so I didn't test this one.

My original message was:

> My appologies for the lack of information in my previous question. I
> have a laptop connected from it's serial port (com1) to serial port a
> the server I need to install on. The problem appears that I cannot
> any information to show up on the hyperterminal at all. I am sure
> I am using a null-modem cable.
> Thank you,
> Can anyone help me?? I need to install 2.6 from a tty interface and I
> can't seem to be able to talk to the machine to get this done. I
> set up an install server, but I don't have the resources to do so. I
> don't have the ability to plug in a monitor since there is no graphics

> card in the machine.
> Thank you in advance,
> Chad Rytting

Chad Rytting

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