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Date: Wed Jan 12 2000 - 08:40:22 CST

I would like to thank the following persons for responding to my question:
        Mark Kimball Haydee Y. Ching
        David Evans Danny Cox
        Ravi S K Daniel Nica
        Collars, Brett Richard Hogg
        Mike Ghicas Mohammed Alshammari
        Carsten B. Knudsen Tim Evans
        Satinder S Mangat Hyland, Jim

Most of the reply's were the same as Mark kimball's who stated:

>I don't think you want to save the format information. What saving does is
>write this particular partition table to a file so you can easily use this
>same partition on multiple disks (that's why it's asking you to name it, so
>you can retrieve this partition table by name). To write a partition table
>to a disk (in other words, to make the "new" partition the "current"
>partition) you use the command "label" from the format prompt.
>I hope this helps.

David Evans supplied this info on the Disksuite:

>disk2 is not valid in this context. You need to do something like:
>1. Break the mirror and leave the good side up. metaoffline.
>2. Detach the broken mirror. metadetach.
>3. Clear the device. metaclear.
>4. Replace the disk.
>5. Rebuild the metadevice, reattach the disks as a mirror and
> then resync the stale side.
>David Evans

Mike Ghicas supplied this info:

if you are trying to create a new partition on the new disk, then format is the
corect command, if you are trying to create a new file system, then you need to
use the newfs command. Also, since you are using disksuite, you may have to
recreate and reassociate the meta devices on the disk first.....

And Danny Cox supplied this info:

>f you type '?' at the format> prompt it will tell you what the
>commands which are available are.

Most of the other reply's were very similar to these. Daniel Nica gave me a
very detailed list of instructions, and if anyone else would want a copy of
these, please email me and I will forward them to you.
Thanks again for all of the help

Here is the original question:

Larry Pazdernik wrote:

> Hi Sun Experts:
> We are running a server with Solaris 2.5.1, using the Solstice Disksuite
> program to do disk mirroring. We recently had a disk fail, and I have
> replaced the disk, but when I use the format command on the new disk ( disk
> # 2) and try to use the save command, it asks for this info:
> save
> Please name this partition type before saving it
> Can you tell me what is expected for this? I tried the following, and it
> returned this message:
> format> disk2
> `disk2' is not expected.
> format>ufs
> `ufs' is not expected.
> Thank you in advance for you reply's and your patience. I work for a public
> school district,and I definetely appreciate all of the help this list
> provides!

-Larry Pazdernik
-Computer Information Technician
-Kearney Public Schools

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