SUMMARY: sendmail error messages

From: Detlev Habicht (
Date: Wed Jan 12 2000 - 01:51:59 CST

Hi all,

this was my problem:

  I have installed patch 105465-02 on a SunOS 4.1.x host. This sendmail V8
  for SunOS 4.1x from Sun.

  I see now sometimes messages like this:

  Jan 5 13:14:50 popeye sendmail[12206]: NAA12202: SMTP MAIL protocol error: 501 Unknown domain 'popeye'
  Jan 5 14:19:12 popeye sendmail[12522]: OAA12518: SMTP MAIL protocol error: 501 Unknown domain 'popeye'
J an 5 17:12:02 popeye sendmail[13280]: RAA13277: SMTP MAIL protocol error: 501 Unknown domain 'popeye'

  First question: Where can i find the man page for sendmail error messages (for
                  this Sun V8 version) ???

  Second question: Has somebody a hint for this problem?

Well i have changed the Cm line in and changed some entrys
in /etc/hosts. Some problems are now disappeared. But i don't know, what the
problems are. I will wait and see. The sendmail configuration
is very old here, so i have to check it now a little bit more.

Error messages, well, sometimes it is very helpful to look in RFCs .... ;-)

I have found a nice webserver with TCP/IP docs:

There you can find some RFCs and docs, for example about mail/smtp:

I hope this links helps others.

Thanx to:

David Foster <>
"O'Neal, Chris" <>
Erin Jones <>


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