summary:what is address used for ?

From: likun (
Date: Tue Jan 11 2000 - 00:05:24 CST

hi, everyone , here is the summary of above question:

Most response:
>Its a multicast group address (CLASS D).

Yes, I know when i step in Internet.

John Heasley and Benno has the right answer:

> is vrrp. see for draft
>John Healey

and Benno:
>nslookup shows thats ist registered as VRRP.MCAST.NET :

> set ty=any

>224.IN-ADDR.ARPA nameserver =
>224.IN-ADDR.ARPA nameserver =
>224.IN-ADDR.ARPA nameserver =
>224.IN-ADDR.ARPA nameserver = nic.near.NET
> internet address =
> internet address =
> internet address =
>nic.near.NET internet address =


That's what I want. thanks Heasley and Benno .

no answer :
>RTFM!!! check your RFC's... and then check the rules
>of this mailing list. How rude not to even include
>a subject body.

Yes, I have checked RTFM, but can't still indicate
what this address is used for . rfc1700 has no information.

Sorry for not include a body messages, so hurry ... It will
never happen next time.


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