SUMMARY: solaris-7: 32 or 64 bit?

From: Bernt Christandl (beb@MPA-Garching.MPG.DE)
Date: Mon Jan 10 2000 - 03:26:59 CST

Hello managers,

i asked:
>we're going to upgrade (new install) our solaris from 2.6 to 7.
>We have some Ultra 2 and Ultra 60 and a new Enterprise 450.
>My (philosophical?) question on this:
>Why - or why not - should i choose the 64-bit version of solaris-7?

and got several answers (see below).

As for me the decision has been done by AFS (Andrew File System)
which is NOT supported for Solaris-2.7 64-bit version.
This is stated in the AFS-Readme for version 3.5-3.32. (Kevin Sheehan {Consulting Poster Child})
wrote me, to have an eye on drivers, which may not (yet) be able to run
the 64 bit solaris version.

Rob McCauley <robmccau@RadOnc.Duke.EDU> wrote:
>I run Solaris 7 on both 32 bit (sparc5s and 20s) and 64 bit (Ultra 30s)
>and they seem functionally equivalent, as you'd expect. The only issue
>I've had to deal with is that gcc isn't able to create 64 bit software
>without some extra work. It's apparently possible to build a C only gcc
>which does 64 bit, but I haven't gotten it to work yet. If you're
>licensing Sun's compilers this isn't an issue.

"O'Neal, Chris" <> wrote three rules for that decision:
>Three rules...
>- If you got or will be running 64-bit apps, then best to have your OS
> also 64-bit.
>- If your apps need more lots of memory either RAM or HARD DISK look
> to the 64-bit.
>- If you are going to be doing any encryption consider 64-bits.

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