SUMMARY: /dev/rdiskette* missing but floppy tests okay

From: Eric Jergensen (
Date: Fri Jan 07 2000 - 18:32:06 CST

Original problem:
   I have a SS20 (w/ hypersparc upgrade) running SunOS 5.6. My problem is
   that the floppy device simply is not there. There is nothing in the
   /dev directory (like /dev/rdiskette0).
   I've done:
   from OBP:
   test floppy
   boot -r
   after the reconfig, I still have no floppy.

Solution from Casper Dik:

   Have you installed patch:

   107389-01: SunOS 5.6: fd floppy won't work after upgrading to 150MHZ

The hyperSPARC upgrade is the key. I did the solaris 2.6 upgrade long after
the CPU upgrade, which had been done by someone else (maybe a similar patch
had been applied to SunOS 4.x).

I applied the patch, touch'ed /reconfigure, rebooted, and the problem was

Many thanks to all who responded.

Eric Jergensen
da Vinci Network Services

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