SUMMARY:How can I upgrade eeprom on an E4000...???

From: German, Vinnie (
Date: Thu Jan 06 2000 - 12:28:32 CST

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Christopher L. Barnard.
Adrian Stovall from Solarsystems
Jason LeDuc from Premiere Document Distribution
Casper Dik from Sun Microsystems


> What's the procedure involve in upgrading the eeprom in a E4000
> from OBP 3.2.5 1996/06/24 to OBP 3.2.22 this server is running
> Solaris 2.6
> Thanks in advance for your consideration.
> Vinnie.


get patch 103346... the revision number of the patch will is also the final
part of the OBP number. So I installed 103346-22 on my E4x00 servers and
OBP 3.2.22. This is not a true patch in the usual sense. Instead there is
file in there that you run that updates all the proms on your server. This
patch is also not OS dependent. Definitely, *definitely* read the README
file in there before you start.

and yet another answer:

Actually, I think the newest OBP version is now 3.2.23... Go to and type enterprise prom in the search box at the
of the page. The results should show the flash-update link at the top of
list, and clicking on the link will show you details about the update, and
instructions for putting them to use.

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