[SUMMARY] Need patch 105361-11 (Solaris 2.6, VIS/XIL Graphics Patch)

From: David Foster (foster@dim.ucsd.edu)
Date: Thu Jan 06 2000 - 12:15:59 CST

Several people send me patch 105361-11, and one send a URL for it. I apologize, I
had checked several mirror sites but did not find it. This is a patch for Elite3D


Thanks so much to everyone for taking time out to help:

"David Evans" DJEVANS@au.oracle.com
Robert Hayne <robert@pegasus.cuug.ab.ca>
Thomas Anders <anders@hmi.de>
Ronald Loftin <reloftin@syr.edu>
"Jeff D. Allen" <allen@cs.dal.ca>
"Rasana Atreya" <rasana_atreya@hotmail.com>

> I'm looking for patch 105361-11, a Solaris 2.6 VIS/XIL Graphics Patch, release
> date Sept 13, 1999.
> I see it listed on Sun's web site under "Other/Misc Patches", and of course
> it's one of the few with no link!
> Would anyone be so kind as to zap me a copy if you have it? It contains an
> OpenGL fix that we desperately need.

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