SUMMARY: Solaris 7 on Ultra 60's: windowing won't start

From: Kathy Kost (
Date: Wed Jan 05 2000 - 18:06:22 CST

Well, I'm pretty surprised by the simplicity of the answer to this
problem. Turns out all I had to do was a "boot -r". I've never
had to do this with any other fresh install on any other Sun, but
guess in this combo of system arch, OS, and framebuffer the devices
don't automatically get built with the system loads.

Thanks also to Sanjaya Srivastava <Sanjaya.Srivastava@Eng.Sun.COM>
who replied.

My original post is below.



>From: Kathy Kost <>
>Date: Wed, 5 Jan 2000 15:11:08 -0800 (PST)
>Subject: Solaris 7 on Ultra 60's: windowing won't start
>I have a problem that only presents itself on Sun Ultra 60's
>(pci) when upgrading them to Solaris 7. Basically what happens
>is the windowing system "can't be started on this display".
>These systems are using Creator 3D (Elite3D) frame buffers
>and I have installed them from scratch. I found something on
>SunSolve that hinted they needed the entire distribution installed
>plus OEM, so that's what I did and still it won't start. This
>only happens on these particular machines, none of my other ones.
>I can't figure out what it's missing.
>Another possible clue, although it may be invalid because dtlogin
>never gets started, is I log in (without a windowing system), and
>for kicks try to run /usr/openwin/bin/openwin and I get the following
>error: "Loadable module for display device SUNWffb is not
>installed". I don't know if this is a valid error or a symptom from
>dtlogin not starting.
>Before I upgraded these machines we had one machine that actually
>worked under 2.6 (before my time here). So, I tar'ed up /usr/openwin
>and now if I use that old /usr/openwin tree in place of the newly
>installed one, it works. So there is definitely something missing
>but I don't know what.
>Has anyone ever run in to this?
>Thanks for the help.

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