SUMMARY: Screen fuzzy on SPARCStation 5 after installing Solairs 7

From: Lu, Yuan (
Date: Wed Jan 05 2000 - 13:01:05 CST

Sorry for the late summary.

My thanks to Adrian Stovall []and
They helped me identify the problems and point me to the right direction.
In a nutshell, my problem is caused by a malfunction monitor. I basically
followed Adrian's message to identify the problem and it worked! Thanks

The following is Adrian's messages followed by my original question.
Well, I looked all over and didn't find a FAQ or patch
description that mentions your particular problem. The GDM-20D10 (Sun P/N
365-1324 usually, also 365-1322, 365-1324, 365-1325, 365-1326, 365-1167,
365-1313, 365-1317, and's a 20-inch monitor, by the way)
both of the card's 1152 X 900 refresh rates, so it SHOULD work fine.
If your display is fuzzy only in Openwindows/Common Desktop, then I'd guess
have a problem with your framebuffer driver. If the problem is there during

boot (before openwindows starts), I'd guess you have a problem with the
(it could be the framebuffer too, in this case).
If the fuzziness happens in AND out of openwindows, I would recommend that
try to borrow someone else's monitor to test out on your system. That will
tell you whether it's the framebuffer or the monitor.
Based on past experience, I'd say the monitor is most likely the problem.
GDM-20D10 is an older monitor, and they are beginning to show their age in
Sun does have another, slightly newer 20-inch monitor (365-1335) that might
a good idea if you find that your current one is bad. We do sell them here
quite often, so if you end up needing one, give a call, and ask for a
Let me know what you find out.

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Subject: Screen fuzzy on SPARCStation 5 after installing Solairs 7

Hi Sun managers,

I have a SPARCStation 5 runing Solaris 2.5 Okay before I upgrade it to
Solaris 7. When I
started install Solairs 7 from CDROM and after Openwin installation windown
started, I
noticed that my screen became very fuzzy (the letters on screen can't focus.
looked like have double or multiple images.) During the whole installation
everyone of the screens was very fuzzy. I installed the Solairs 7 anyway
hoping that
after the installation the screen will look fine as before.

To my disapointement, the screen looked the same fuzziense regardless which
environment I was use: CDE or Openwin with the Soarlis 7. I notice that the
top two third
of the screen was very fuzzy. However, I could see the clear letters at the
bottom one
third of the screen.

I also tried to install Solairs 2.6 5/98 on my system, the openwin
installation windown
had the same fuzzy look as I did for Soalirs 7. So I didn't finish
installing Solairs 2.6.
Instead, I installed my system with Soliars 2.5.1. All screen disaplay
worked well.

So my screen display works fine for Soarlis 2.5, 2.5.1, but not 2.6 and 2.7.
>From Sun's
hardware compatible list, SPACTStation 5 is fine for Solairs 2.6 and 2.6.
Can anyone tell
me what's wrong here?

Thanks a lot.

Yuan Lu

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