SUMMARY: DLT 4000 Tape Density Question

From: Thomas Wardman (
Date: Wed Jan 05 2000 - 11:10:04 CST

Hi All,

I'd like to thank everyone who replied to me. The most common solution
mentioned was to use,

    ufsdump 0ufc backuphost:/dev/rmt/X[c|u]n.

Now, I had made sure the settings on the drive where 10/15 in compressed
mode already, so the extra parameters to ufsdump didn't really help too

There was some mention of trying to change the blocking factor, however,
we didn't manage to get anything significantly more on to the tape.

It turns out, after fighting to find information at Digital, that the
DLT 4000 we have, (A Digital TZ88), only supports the CompacTape IIIXT
cartridges (15/30) in a 15/20 mode. It's kind of odd, and we are
checking with Sun to see if their drives suffer the same problem.

We are also talking to our vendor, who assured us we'd be able to get
around 25GB/tape with the TZ88.

Thanks again to everyone who replied, as always the list pulls through.


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