SUMMARY: new hostID won't stay changed on SS2000E...

From: Adrian Stovall (
Date: Mon Jan 03 2000 - 18:17:25 CST

Well, solved this one myself. After being frantic for half an hour or so, I
remembered seeing something of a note about NVRAM something or other in the
F.E. Handbook. Sure enough, FIRST you do the ID change procedure (SEE ORIGINAL
POST, ATTACHED), then you have to make the control board IDPROM contents
invalid by typing the following commands at the "OK" prompt:

patch noop call update-system-idprom
patch noop call update-system-idprom
patch call noop update-system-idprom

(if the control board IDPROM contents are invalid, the system uses the values
from CPU board 0)

then type the following:


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-------------------Original post follows-------------------
Hi, I haven't had this problem on any 4m class machines, and this is the first
4d I've ever tried it on. I want to change the ethernet address, and I usually
use the following procedure:

xx is real-machine-type (80 in this case, for an SS2000E)
8 0 20 xx xx xx 0 0 mkp (xx xx xx would be the last 3 fields of the ethernet
MAC address, don't forget the spaces or extra
8020xxxxxx mkpl (xxxxxx ... see above)
[CTRL] + [D]
[CTRL] + [R]
banner (to make sure the changes were typed in correctly)
<power cycle>
<check hostID/ethernet address are still changed> <-- here's where the
process breaks down for this system.

If anyone has an alternate method, please let me know ASAP, and I will try it

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