SUMMARY: setenv boot-file to empty or default

From: Roy Ramberg (
Date: Mon Jan 03 2000 - 07:58:58 CST


To many replies to mention anyone in
paticular, but as usual I am impressed
by swift answers.

One of the CORRECT answers were:

ok? set-default boot-file

This worked!

Some of you mentioned other solutions
that did NOT work, or gave me wrong
solutions or syntax. Here are some
wrong answers (for your information) or
other comments:

1. Don't type anything after: setenv boot-file
   This does NOT work and of course I had tried
   these before asking you guys.

2. I didn't want to use set-defaults because I only
   wanted to change one parameter.

3. setenv boot-file=
   Does not work as it wrong syntax for the setenv

4. Things like "setenv boot-file" or setenv boot-file " "
   or setenv boot-file "" does NOT work.
   Many of you mentioned this "solution" and you cannot
   have tried this, because I have many times and it
   doesn't work.

5. I did not try the: eeprom boot-file="" but some
   say it works.


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