SUMMARY: HD mounting kit?

From: Erin Jones (
Date: Sun Jan 02 2000 - 13:38:09 CST

Oops, this had gone around a couple of months ago. I should check the archives more closely/frequently.
I received a couple of URL's of places to buy. no online shopping at these stores. grrrr B(

ANyways here are the answers I received.
Thanx to:
From: Carsten B. Knudsen <>
Hi Erin,

Have a look at the following:

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Date: Tue, 31 Aug 1999 15:08:39 -0400 (EDT)
From: Rick Fincher <>
Subject: Summary: Brackets for E-450 Hard Disks

Hi All,

My original message was:

> Hi Managers,
> Anyone know a source of, or even a part number for the hard disk
> drive mounting
> brackets used in the E-450?

The replies are listed below.

The part is evidently known as the "spud" or "staple". Of the folks that
a price, $35 was the lowest for a single unit.

I got two different part numbers. One turned up this on a spare parts page
the Sun web site:


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Good luck


From: Alan Miller <>
Hi Erin,

Ran into the same problem.

I called my Sun Rep (in Germany) and he stated that you can only get
these brackets from Sun and only when you purchase the HDD too.

He also stated that the drives from Sun are specially manufactured
for Sun and only these drives support Hot Swapping capabilities on
the E450.

I didn't qualify his statements as I needed to add 8 drives ASAP.
Maybe someone on the list can qualify this?


From: Gary Jenson <> sells disk brackets for sun use.

From: Matthew Stier <>
This is a problem that is often encountered when purchasing the drive
from a third-party.

Complain to your vendor.

From: David H. Brierley <>
Very coincidentally, just before I read my email I was glancing at a
marketing flyer from one of the vendors I deal with called "Anacapa
Micro Products" and one of the items they have on their price list is
drive mounting brackets for the Enterprise 250/450. Their web site is and their phone number is 800-800-7056.

David H. Brierley
Raytheon Systems Company - Portsmouth RI Facility
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From: Edwards Philip M Ctr AFRL/SNRR <>

I think I saw this question come through the list not too long ago, or a question much like it. You should try searching the list archives; the instructions should be in the automatic message you got when you subscribed. I can't recall if it's done via the web or over email.

Luck++; Phil

From: Adrian Stovall <> part number 540-3024 is the sun 1" spud bracket for 3 1/2" drives. Coincidentally :) we happen to sell them. Call 1 (800) 253-5764 and ask for steve, or email him at and he'll give you prices

Adrian Stovall Solar Systems and Peripherals Inc.

From: Sun System Admin <>


enterprise 250, 450 drive sled SDSUSPUDLP $80

Don't if this is a good price


From: Gil Young <> Erin,

I am in the same boat, but I haven't ordered any 3rd party drives yet. If you do find out how to order the mounting brackets, please summarize to the list! Even if you find nothing, summarize so that others know not to bother to look.

P.S. the mount for the A/D1000 and UE450 chassis are slightly different, the A/D1000 drive chassis have a back plate on them that the UE450 drive chassis do not have.

Thanks! Gil

From: Allan West <> You can get them for $40 from, they're called spud brackets (I think it's a joke on hot-swap, hot-potato). I got one with my new 18GB drive.

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