Summury: Permanent password

From: Raed Al-Zou'bi (
Date: Tue Oct 12 1999 - 03:09:07 CDT

Hello Sun Managers
thanks for all cooperative replies.
I had two main suggestions first :
To set min password aging for long time and more than max password aging
The second :
To set ACL on the passwd , both heemeng

and Singh Adrian suggested that

"The only way I can think of to do that is to set an ACL on passwd
to disallow the user from executing it
eg: if user was "bill"
setfacl -m user:bill:--- /usr/bin/passwd
Adrian "

I tried both suggestions and seems that ACL is more appropriate for me


the original message was :
> Hello Sun Mangers,
> I searched for this in archive but could not find and answer
> Is it possible in Solaris to set permanent password for an account such
> that user can not change it later ,like what is applicable in NT
> best regards and thanks in advance


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