[Sumary]:Workstation very very slow

From: Elsa De Dominicis (edominicis@hotmail.com)
Date: Thu May 20 1999 - 15:11:05 CDT


First of all I am sorry for the late summary.

I got reply from Marais Gert and David Evans, Thanks to both of you.

David was right in fact there were too many processes running on the
workstation. The first time I got the error message on the workstation I
couldn't check the number of processes running on it because the workstation
was hung and the user told me that he wasn't running anything besides what I
saw on the screen (I trusted him). But it happened a second time and I had a
remote connection to the workstation which wasn't hung, I ran ps -ef , the
result were 2000 textedit processes running everyone nested to th eprevious,
I do not know the cause of this yet, but it hasn't happened a third time.

Thank you, Regards



Hello Managers,

I need some help. This morning I had a problem with two workstations more or
less at the same time both of them were having a response time of more than
5 minutes. After doing any thing an error message popped up on the screen
saying that there were many processes running which wasn't true since each
workstation had a pair of terminal screen running and a file manager all the
other processes were running on the server. The error message written in the
/var/adm/message file was:
        Wksta_name unix:out of per user process for uid (#) (These user id define
in our system)

These two workstations are Sun-Ultra 1 one running solaris 2.6 and the other
one running solaris 2.7 Beta-Update. If anyone has any idea what the problem
could be a really appreciate any help. Thank you very much


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