SUMMARY: How to remove Sun Net Manager 2.2 / SUNWconn

From: Peter J. Simpson (
Date: Thu Dec 30 1999 - 16:37:34 CST


Thanks for the many speedy replies. Everyone was helpful, these two
were the most concise and straightforward. I chose the GUI Admintool
option. As it turns out, SUNWconn has but parts of SunNet Manager in

Pieces of SunNet Manager are also located in other places, so if I had
just 'rm -rf /opt/SUNWconn' there's no telling what would other than
SunNet Manager would have been killed since SUNWconn is shared by
several apps -- plus I'd have missed the pieces of SNM that were located
elsewhere on the system.



--one-- wrote:

Just start admintool as root and choose package administration.
You'll see all install packages on machine, one of them is SNM.
Simply delete it!

--two-- wrote:

you have to remove the the package associated with Sun Net Manager 2.2
If you do't know the package name do this:

     pkginfo | grep Net

See the third field of all output lines for Sun Net Manager 2.2 . The
field of that line would be the package name for
Sun Net Manager 2.2 .

then do :

     pkgrm <pkg. name>

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> Subject: How to remove Sun Net Manager 2.2 / SUNWconn
> Good afternoon,
> I have an "old" Sun Sparc-20 running Solaris 2.5.1. The machine
apparently has SunNet Site Manager version 2.2 on it. The software has
not been used in several years. And there are, of course, no manuals
available. If I am correct, this is installed in the /opt/SUNWconn
directory. The system is merely acting as an internal web and ftp host,
so I do not believe SUNWconn is required. I want to remove this
software as it is not in use and occupying about 17MB of space that I
would like to free up.
> Can someone tell me the proper procedure to remove SunNet Site Manager
/ SUNWconn? Am I correct that this is what SUNWconn is?
> Thanks,
> Pete

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