SUMMARY: can't /bin/pwd AFS directories

From: Jon Bernard (
Date: Thu Dec 30 1999 - 15:19:30 CST

The original post:

/bin/pwd doesn't work for non-root users on directories in AFS. The pwd
commands builtin to both ksh and bash, however, do work, and I can cd into
the directories under any shell.

We're running Solaris 2.7 with the recommended and security patches from
about a month ago. In addition, fix-modes was run on the system immediately
after installation of the OS. AFS is version 3.5-3.17.

Transarc's eventual answer:

Although the installation manual doesn't mention this, /afs needs to have at
least 755 permissions. The problem was obscured because as long as AFS is
running, the permissions on /afs will appear to be 777. The solution was to
reboot in single-user and chmod 755 /afs.

Thanks to Caspar Dik for a suggestion along these lines.

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