SUMMARY: NIS slave on Solaris7

From: Ching Huat Yeo (
Date: Thu Dec 23 1999 - 20:06:48 CST


The question is at the end of this mail.

Thanks very much for Duncan Phillips (,
ramesh andey (, and David Foster
( who help and provide me solutions.

The solutions,

>From Duncan Phillips,
You need to create a file called /var/yp/binding/`domainname`/ypservers
and populate it with the servers you have, listing itself first, then
the others in the order to check for availability.

They should rebind transparently to the master. There might be a lag
as they timeout on the current server and rebind, thought. Also, make
sure there is the same ypservers file for the clients as for the


You can split the list orders to reduce load on the servers, too.

Especially thanks David Foster who email me a file documented the
procedures taken to migrate his NIS master and slave servers from
Szechuan and Pitstop, respectively (both SunOS 4.1.4), to Blinky and
Golgi (Solaris 2.6, IRIX 6.5.4).

According to him,

The slave should handle NIS requests. It won't become the master, but
it will provide NIS service.

Again, thanks and appreciate your help.

Best regards,
Ching Yeo

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Subject: NIS slave on Solaris7


I have about 20 Sun workstation in my network. One is
the NIS master running on Sun0S 4.1.4, the a few is
nis slaves and the rest is clients.

We want to change the master to a more reliable and
faster system. We have bought a Ultra 10 and plan to
make it a NIS slave and eventually replace the master.

We have setup up the Ultra10 as a slave, but a few
questions remains, and i hope you can help me.

1. If i plug out the network cable of the Ultra10
(slave), will it suppose to boot up by ifself?? We
tried and the machine hung on boot up halfway.

2. If the master down, will the slave automatically
take care of itself and become the master? what will
happpen to all the clients?? will it transparent to

Appreciate if anyone can provide helps.

Thanks and regards,
Ching Yeo
Systems Engineer

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