SUMMARY : E 250 Rebooting randomly

Date: Thu Dec 23 1999 - 12:58:15 CST

Hi! Long time no summary..

Well, It's been a difficult solution.. I did a number of things.

1. Made sure that my PC acting as a terminal wasn't going into
powersave mode.

2. Made sure that powerd wasn't running, and that the /etc/power.conf
file was setup for NO AUTOSHUTDOWN... why a server would have
that as part of a default install to have it shutdown was beyond me.

3. Plugged unit into a UPS

4. Got a better UPS.

5. Installed all patches

ANd yet the machine still rebooted constantly.. After far too much complaining,
I finally had SunService come out, and they did a series of test, and resetted
everything.. Well.. The system is now actually still up! After 6 days.. So,
the problem is solved.

Thanks to all who gave me their suggestions!


> My E 250 running Solaris 2.6 has been rebooting itself randomly since I
> installed it. I've got the latest set of Recommended patches on it, and it's
> still doing it. This machine is soon going to become indispensible as a
> database server, and I need to find out why this is happening..
> Anybody else have these troubles?? It's running 2.6 and has a PC - laptop
> as a console. I'm going to finish setting up RCS today... Any thoughts would
> be great!
> Thanks!
> sue

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