SUMMARY - Unable to umount cdrom

From: Graff, Tracy (
Date: Thu Dec 16 1999 - 12:44:22 CST

Thanks to all who responded.

My user has been unable to recreate the problem (it is sporadic) but I did get some great information that I will try as soon as I see this again.

Seth Rothenberg, James Coby, Craig Russell, Duncan V., and Stephen Michaels suggested using fuser to make sure no processes (including csh) were using the directory.

Frank Smith, Oliver Giraud, and Johnny Hall pointed out that I must unshare the cdrom directory before unmounting, if it is shared. (run share with no arguments to see if it is shared and then run unshare <filesystem>) I am guessing this was the problem as I have set up this workstation to share the /cdrom directory so the user can install software on the server without walking to the server room in another building.

An additional thanks to the rest of you who replied with great suggestions.


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