SUMMARY: Cant' Reboot.

From: Prabhat Karki (
Date: Wed Dec 15 1999 - 14:58:31 CST

Mu original Question was:

Sun Gurus,
I have a sparc10 machine running 5.7 version. I was having problems with the monitor. So I shutdown the system, changed the monitor and try to reboot it.........
but it hangs exactly where it says
Copyright Sun MicroSystems 1983-19............
I cant go any further than that. I tried booting with different option such as -r . it didn't work. When I tried boot -v it hangs on the line ...cgsixo: screen 115x900: 1single buffer, Im mapped, ver7

Thanks to all the resposes from: Jay Madden, Scott Ruffner, James Ford, James Ranks, Ximo Domenech, Rasana Atreya and John Feole from Sun Microsystem.

The Problem lied in my kernel which was mysteriously damaged during the shutdown.
so first I ufsrestored the whole root filesystem from my backup tape drive. and then rebooted.
Here are the Steps I took

ok boot cdrom -sw

# mount /dev/dsk/c0tXd0s0 /a

#ufsrestore -ivfs /dev/rmt/0n 1

# cd /tmp/dev

# tar cvfp - . | ( cd /a/dev; tar xvfp - )

# cd /tmp/devices

# tar cvfp - . | ( cd /a/devices; tar xvfp - )

# cd /tmp/root/etc

# cp path_to_inst /a/etc/path_to_inst

Check/fix the /a/etc/vfstab file to reflect the correct target #'s

# reboot -- -rv

If the reboot still doesn't work due to some sort of kernel error
try the following:

# cp /platform/sun4u/kernel/unix /a/platform/sun4u/kernel/unix <--- sun4u arch.
# cp /platform/sun4m/kernel/unix /a/platform/sun4m/kernel/unix <--- sun4m arch.

And if it still doesn't boot try this:

 The following "tar" procedure may cause harm to already installed patches
 or additional packages (such as Veritas or Disksuite). Make sure before
 doing this that you've checked this out and that you're using this is a
 last resort.

# cd /platform/sun4u ( For Ultra arch. systems )
# cd /platform/sun4m ( For sun4m arch. systems )

# tar cvfp - . | (cd /a/platform/sun4u; tar xvfp - ) <--- sun4u arch.
# tar cvfp - . | (cd /a/platform/sun4m; tar xvfp - ) <--- sun4m arch.

# cd /kernel
# tar cvfp - . | (cd /a/kernel; tar xvfp - )

# reboot

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