SUMMARY: connected command timeout on E3000

From: Adrian Stovall (
Date: Tue Dec 14 1999 - 18:56:41 CST

Well, it turns out this was a pretty simple fix (and obvious). With that
number of drives, termination is an issue, so placing a terminator on the
external SCSI connector on back of the IO board made the problem go away
(thanks to Sun for the hint).
Thanks to Dan who wrote:

>No docs, but I would check:
>1.Total bus length (keep it under 3 meters)
>2. Ensure that ALL of your disks have the same MAX throughput (I have seen
this with Seagate 10K disks, there are 2 different throughput rates)

>On the plus side this should straighten itself out and the server should stop
complaining after the couple at boot.

Original post follows:

>> Does anyone have a FAQ for me to look at? I'm trying to find a reason for
some errant SCSI behavior. On an >>E3000 with 10 4.2G Seagate Ultra/Wide SCSI
(ST34371WC) drives installed. Several give "connected command >>timeout"
errors on boot. Haven't been able to find this documented (yet) but have heard
it mentioned in general before.
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