SUMMARY: dd command

From: Haydee Y. Ching (
Date: Mon Dec 13 1999 - 18:45:51 CST

thanks a lot to Simon Dray<Simon,>, and
 they both suggested not to use dd but ufsdump and ufsrestore.

Original Question:

Solaris 7-x86.

i have done a dd like
dd if=<ide disk> of=<scsi disk> bs=100k
and now, my disk is destroyed.

i tried to install on a SCSI disk having 25 gig. i placed the boot record
on the scsi disk and started with installation.
after installing, i have the following setup:

ide -disk 0
scsi - disk 1

i set it at bios to boot disk1. when i booted up, i see the data from
disk0. i can say it's from disk 0 coz i've installed some files to disk0.
i tried to boot from disk 0, same error result.

why such behavior? any idea? also, can someone tell me what to do to make
my hdd 0 bootable again?

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