[SUMMARY]: Mail problem

From: John Perott (sqzed@hotmail.com)
Date: Mon Dec 13 1999 - 17:37:32 CST

Thanks for all responses. The problem turned out to be quite trivial after
all. After the upgrade The nsswitch.conf changed. We had a dns entry for
hosts in that file originally. The line was changed to read:
hosts: dns files

This solved the problem. sendmail.cf was also changed. The oldfile cf file
which was saved during the upgrade was restored.


My original posting

>I just upgraded my 2.5.1 box to Solaris 2.7. After the upgrade our mailing
>service has gone flaky. Although we are able to receive mail from outside
>are not able to send mail outside our domain. I also tried with the old
>configuration file but no effect. I would appreciate any help to resolve
>this. Thanks in advance. Please treat this as very URGENT thankyou.
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