SUMMARY create boot disk of SunOS 4.1.4

From: Pat Chanthavong (
Date: Mon Dec 13 1999 - 12:56:23 CST

Hello all,

First, thanks very much to Charles Seeger, Dave Floyd, Gomathinayagam
Sank, Jose Luis Martinez
and Mark G Thomas who responded to my question below.

Some recommended to use dump/restore of (/) and (/usr) to new disk or
tape and then
install boot block to a new disk, and some recommended to use dd

However, I was only used dd command and it works for me,
as the following steps:

as example: my old boot disk is (sd0) and a new disk (sd2)

1) add a new disk into the system

2) use format command to initialize and label the slice a & g of a new
disk (sd2) to match the
    size of root (/) and /usr of the old boot disk.

3) for slice a (/)
    dd if=/dev/rsd0a of=/dev/rsd2a bs=4096k

    for slice g (/usr)
    dd if=/dev/rsd0g of=/dev/rsd2g sb=4096k

4) run fsck /dev/rsd2a
          fsck /dev/rsd2g

5) vi /etc/fstab file and change /dev/sd2a & /dev/sd2g to mount new (/)
& (/usr) file systems.

6) shutdown and halt the system
    # shutdown -h now
7) boot the system from the new disk.
     ok> boot disk2:a

8) done

-Pat Chanthavong

attached mail follows:

hello everyone,

I have an old Sparc5 Workstation running SunOS 4.1.4 and I can't upgrade
to the latest version
of Solaris, the reason is because the Application that running on the
system only supported to run
under SunOS 4.1.4.

So, right now I am trying to solve the y2K issue and to down load the
y2K patches on it.
I have all the patches I need but, the problem is: I don't have the
SunOS CD on hand
to boot the system in case after I down load the patches and reboot the
system and it
won't boot?

However, I was thinking of creating an alternate boot disk to another
disk, before I down load
the patches. So, is any one knows how to create a boot disk on SunOS?

Thanks in advanced for your help...

-Pat Chanthavong

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