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Here is a summary of the answers:

To have the system automatically configure hme1 (for example), create an
/etc/hostname.hme1 file (that just has the name associated with hme1 in
and put the name/IP address pair in /etc/hosts (or DNS or NIS, or
you use). You also set up the netmask in /etc/netmasks. Then the OS
configure the interface automatically at boot time. This is done in

        1. vi your /etc/hosts and make an entry
        2. vi /etc/hostname.hme1 (or whatever kind of interface you
        3. vi /etc/networks and make an appropriate entry
add it's netmask to /etc/netmasks

Bruce Cheng wrote:
> Hi,
> Q) I have two network interface on a host. one primary interface and one
> goes to a secondary network for backup function.
> i know how to bring up manually via ifconfig of the second interface.
> How should I bring it up automatically everytime it boots up?
> should I create a script in /etc/rc2.d S9xbackupnet to bring it up
> or is there a more typical way of doing it?
> Thanks
> -Bruce
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