Summary: RUSERS(2)

From: Haydee Y. Ching (
Date: Fri Dec 10 1999 - 13:45:30 CST

below are further responses i've received:

>From Darren Dunham:



> actually, my question is how come the ip appeared on my query > on rusers? because there are also some other platforms in our network and > only that one running sco appeared. y the inconsistency?

The rusers is sent out via broadcast, so the two main reasons you wont see a response are...

1) Can't hear the broadcast. 2) Isn't running rpc.rusersd

> my Network Domain as shown in Workstation Info is [Couldn't Ascertain] is > this related? but still y did the linux boxes not shown?

Maybe, maybe not. The NT stuff doesn't map directly onto TCP/IP broadcast domains. Someone familiar with your NT network setup may be able to tell you.

I don't know if your linux machines are in the same broadcast domain, or if the linux machines have rusersd off by default. The easy way to tell is to send a directed rusers command...

rusers <linux machine>

If it responds, then it's not in the broadcast domain. If it doesn't, it's probably not running rusersd.

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From:ravi s k:

Hi Don't worry. is not the m/c "haydee". It is some other m/c, i.e m/c with some other OS which users version 2 of ruserd protocol.

The ruser output show that,

the mc/ haydee is currently logged by users haydee and root

the same way the m/c carrying ip address is currently logged in by root ( may be multiple session is opened)

the ruser command displays the users logged into systems that are connectd in the network.

And this is nothing to do with entry in the /etc/default/login file.


ravi s k

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