Summary:problem with Stallion terminal server

From: Nellie Lee (
Date: Fri Dec 10 1999 - 07:51:34 CST

Hi all,

Thanks to these people who replied

Gregor Loock
Pyne, Jeffrey
Ray buckley
Paul J. Bell
Daniel Polombo

The answer to my problem did not work on the Stallion terminal server
but did work when I switched over to a Dec terminal server.

The solution:

Set up a telnet port on the terminal server to the machine in question
to enable you to telnet straight to the console. When you want to issue
a break hit the "ctrl" + " ] " keys, this will take you to the telnet
prompt, from there you can type "send brk" or "send break" for the
machine to recognize this as the break signal.

For those running a pc-microsoft type environment I should add that if
the terminal emulator you are using doesn't have a break menu, telneting
straight into the console does not enable the "ctrl" " ] " key
combination to work, it works if you are telneted into another unix
machine, from there telnet to the console, the "ctrl" " ] " keys then

My original question:

Hi all,

I'm hoping someone out there uses a terminal server from Stallion
Technologies as a console to their sparc machines and has a solution for
a problem which is proving to be quite frustrating.

Our sun machines are connected via serial port to a Stallion terminal
server which we use as consoles. The purpose of the terminal server is
to provide remote control to our sun machines but for reasons unknown
the break key from the remote pc (the remote pc is an intel) does not
get passed from the remote keyboard to the sun machine in question. This
becomes a big problem when the sparc machine panics and you can't get
down to the prom level because any attempts at issuing a <ctrl><break>
from the keyboard fails.

The <ctrl><break> sequence works if I set up a dumb terminal as console
but just does not work when connected to the stallion terminal server.

Does anyone know what settings we have to set up on the terminal server
to enable the break key to be passed through? We have tried "set port
break remote" but that does not seem to work.

Any advice would be welcomed

Thanks in advance

Nellie Lee
Unix Administrator
Onetel Pty Ltd

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