SUMMARY: tool for testing Y2k status of SunOS machine

From: Shyam TR (
Date: Fri Dec 10 1999 - 01:03:44 CST


Jeff Kennedy is the only one who responded to this
question. Please find his mail attached.



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I got this script from someone several months ago. It was designed with
4.1.4 in mind but it worked on 2.6 as well. The only issue with this
script "as-is" is that it ends with your machine date at 1970. I would run
it on a test machine first.


(See attached file: sun.ksh)

Shyam TR <> on 11/08/99 11:00:07 PM
 cc: (bcc: Jeff Kennedy/NDS)
 Subject: tool for testing Y2k status of SunOS machine

Hello Sun Experts,

Is there any way or tool to test a SunOS machine for
year 2000
compliance ?
I have installed all the patches for SunOS 4.1.3U1VB
to bring it up to year 2000 compliant level.

I know sunscan 2000 can test Solaris ver 2.3 to 7 But
*NOT* SunOS for year 2000 compliance.

Any suggestions ?



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