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Date: Thu Dec 09 1999 - 15:20:16 CST

I reseated the card and ... Success! Thanks Barry!

My original message:


I am having difficulty setting the console for a SS20 running 414. At
first I believed the problem to have been settings in the eeprom environment
but after much help from the list I reset to the defaults. With two
graphics ports (the onboard and an sbus add-on) I still have no video on
either. Again, I've been through the FAQ and the man pages and Manual
without luck.

dmesg reports a strange message:
No default frame buffer found

How can I set a default?

Should I just pull the second frame buffer?


> No. Unless you have a Video Memory SIMM, the on board video will not work.
> Try re-seating the SBus video card. Also make sure you are using a good
> monitor (plug it into a sparc you know is working). If that all fails, you
> probably have a bad video card.

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